Hessisch for Ranawäys

This is the ultimate Hessisch-English Dictionary for all english speaking people on a business trip in Frankfurt and who might get lost somewhere between the airport and Sachsenhausen.

Anner The other one
Babba Father
babbele to speak
babbisch sticky
wie bei de Hembels unnerm Sofa colloquial: legendary place that everybody knows but nobody has ever seen
beleidischd Lebberworscht sensitive person
Bembel Jug for famous Hessian beverage
Bobbelsche Little child, baby
Bosse mache to do something stupid
brunze to urinate
bummbe to beat, hit
Dasch bag, pocket
de geht ran wie de Flocki ans Gehaggte not very shy person
des zischt wie Abbelsaft that fizzes like apple juice
Dibbe pot
Dibbemess' Frankfurt public festival
Dollbohrer Awkward person also known as "Hannebambel"
Dorschenanner a big mess
dozze lasse to drop something
Dreggwatz dirty person
dribbe over there
druff up there
Dubbe blot of paint; also: to be somewhat dull
Dummbabbler someone who talks too much. similar to: "Sabbelschnuut"
Ebbel Apple
Ebbelwoi famous Hessian beverage
enuff up
enunner down
Erbaame! Zu spät! Die Hesse komme! Hessian National Anthem
fuddele to work not very accurately
Geknoddel total mess
Grädediersche small fish
Grie Soß popular Frankfurt dish
gugge to watch
Gummer Cucumber
Guuuude Hello, nice to see you !
Ei Guuuude wiie ? Hello, nice to see you! How are you today ?
Wo meschste hie ? Where are you going ?
Guutsje candy
Häusje small house, hut
Hauptwach Frankfurt Times Square
de heilische Heinz Hessian saint (Heinz Schenk), also known as "David Bowie"
Herruff Stop! Similar to: "Mooomendemal"
Hessisch-Kongo area south of Darmstadt
Hessisch-Sibirie area north of Giessen
Hessisch-Unganda Hanau
Hibbe over there; to jump
Hibbelisch nervous
Hinkel chicken
Hogge to sit
Horschemol ! Listen !
Kaan Bock net unmotivated
Kaff small town
Kerrnsche small car
Kipp Cigarette
Klaa small
Labbe washcloth
Lebbe geht weider Hessian motto like "Don't worry, be happy"
Lebbern to drink
Lumbeseggel furtive person
Mobbelsche not even skinny person. Similar to:"Pummelsche"
Naggisch naked
Nippes useless things
Offebach Frankfurt Bronx
Balmegadde famous botanical garden
Petze to drink
Plärre to cry
Sabber Saliva
Schnalle to understand; also colloquial for female
Schnegge tschegge to watch nice girls
Schnibbelsche little piece
Schnuggelsche candy; cute girl
Schnuuud mouth
Schodder cash, money
Schwanger Lersch fat (female) person
sisch ablesche to go to sleep
Simbel simpleton
Stinkwatz smelly person
Uffgeblase arrogant
Uffrabbele to get up; to pull oneself together
Uffschnitt only Hessian sausage starting with an "u"
Veraaasche to make fun of someone
Wutz pig; dirty person
Zeil Broadway in Frankfurt
Zuggerschneggsche sweet round biscuits; also: pet name for girlfriend

Popular Hessian Phrases:
Unn ? What's goin' on ?
Kumm Hoiner, steck der a o Do you want to smoke, Henrik ?
Was hattan da de Babba da ? What has the father in his hand ?
Aasch glaab s gehd lous ! Are you nuts ?
Prodoneworscht Bread without meat
Du ahle Babbsagg ! You suck !
Hä ? Excuse me Sir, could you please be so kind to repeat your statement. I couldn't hear you well.
Mer waases net. We don't know.
Des is abber babbisch ! This is a little sticky !
Die hat do en Dubbe ! She is nuts !
Mer laaft de brieh de stern enunnee. Sweat is running down my face.
Heit brennt de Planeeet widder. It's really hot today.
Uffgebassd Pay attention
Isch werd rischtisch rammdoesisch. I'm feeling kind of weird.
Kenndisch graad verriggd werrn ! I'm going mad.
Ooch gee haahm ! Be off with you, you foolish person !
Isch mach weidea. Good bye.

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